Due: Thursday, January 23, 2014 by noon.

What sounds are around you on a routine basis and how do you listen (or not listen) to them?

Step One: Compose a playlist of ten sounds that you hear in your daily life. What sounds do you hear regularly as you go about your day? Make a list of these sounds, and then organize them thematically (i.e. “Mornings in Keele Street traffic” or “Sounds that Remind Me of Home”). Try to also identify an overarching theme that connects all of the sounds on your playlist.

Step Two: Record all of the sounds on your playlist. As you record, keep in mind where you are recording. Is the room noisy? Are you recording in such a way that accurately depicts an everyday situation for you? Or are you altering the situation for the purposes of recording? If possible, record your audio with headphones on so you can hear what you are recording. Try to limit your recordings to 60 seconds per sound; you may include longer selections if necessary for your audiography though this must be justified in your rationale. Do not edit the sounds in any way, other than for duration (in other words, do not add a voice over narration, add effects to your recordings, or mix sounds together). You may however cut seconds from your recording.

Using Audacity, edit these into a single MP3 to be uploaded onto the class blog.

Step Three: Submit the assignment.

1. Start a “new” post. The title should describe the sounds (what ties them together.)

2. Upload the audio file into the site library by clicking on the “Add Media” button.

3. Embed the mp3 into the blog entry using the media player. Underneath, include a direct link to the media file.

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