Fall Term: Mapping music in everyday life

Thursday, September 12 – Course Introduction; Why Study Popular Music?

Thursday, September 19 – Soundscape: Sonic Ecologies

Thursday, September 26 – Musicking and Music

Listening Exercise Assignment due before class, 12 noon.

Thursday, October 3 – Inside/Outside: Music in The Street and The Home

Thursday, October 10 – Music/Noise in the City: Managing Sound

Thursday, October 17 – Music and Architecture: Background Music/Music as Force

Thursday, October 24 – Music and Ethnography: Listening on the Ground

Thursday, November 5 – Subcultures and Scenes

Thursday, November 14 – Music, Space and Embodiment: Gender, Clubs, Collecting, and Festivals

Thursday, November 21 – Music, Space and Belonging: The ‘hood and The Scene

Thursday, November 28 – Music and The City: The Hardcore Continuum

Thursday, December 5 – Toronto: Music and Everyday Life

  • No readings.
    In class exercise based on site analyses and soundscapes.