What mapping music means….

Jay Shells "Rap Quotes" project. Photos by Aymann Ismail at AnimalNewYork.

Jay Shells “Rap Quotes” project. Photos by Aymann Ismail at AnimalNewYork.

To follow up on class yesterday, and to give you a better picture of some of what we’re going to be talking about, I’m including this link to a project that took place in New York City earlier this year that was done by the artist/designer Jay Shells. The project looks at rap lyrics and where they are situated in New York City. In the same way that people commemorate battles, the births of famous painters and other notable historical events, Shells marks out the landmarks and corners cited in the lyrics of 1990s rap. See the video for more info.

It’s a good example of how music is woven into the environments where we live and, for those of us not from New York, shapes how we perceive places before we arrive.

Could you imagine an equivalent project about Toronto?