So, this is the course website. As I’ll be explaining in the weeks to come, this site will be the main way that you access readings, submit your assignments, get updates about the course, etc. As I’ll explain in class, this website has a few components:

This blog: This will be where many of your assignments are posted. It will also be where I will post relevant supplementary material from time to time. As a member of the class, you are welcome to post things here that relate to the class as well. It is also here that I will post any changes in the course reading material, meeting times, office hours, etc., but hopefully this won’t be necessary. Before every class meeting, I will try to post a few questions or prompts. Take a look at them the morning before you come to class. You don’t need to prepare anything formal, but be prepared to talk about these themes.

Course Outline: This is the schedule for the course. It is also where you will be accessing most of the class readings. These will be accessed through the library databases, for this reason you may need to log-in with your Passport York ID. You are responsible for accessing and completing all readings. If a link doesn’t work, please email me and I will work to fix the problem immediately. Failure to contact me is no excuse for not accessing the reading, since they are also available by other means through the library.

Assignments: Descriptions of the course assignments will be made available in this section of the site. Instructions for submitting these assignments, which will also be done via this site, will also be posted here.