Layout and Embedding Media

A few of you have had general questions about how to layout and submit your assignments.

First, you are expected to submit the assignment as a blog entry (not as a document attached to an entry.) This means that if you want to include particular kinds of layouts, for example headers or pictures or other media, you will have to do this in WordPress. You will not be able to set things up in a program like Word or Pages and then cut and paste. This will often lead to the inclusion of “garbage” text (basically information regarding formatting that can’t be processed by WordPress.) Be attentive to this, as you will be expected to submit a ‘clean’ version of your assignment for grading.


In terms of layout, you can use the present categories of headers from the menu above the text entry widow. There six gradations of headings, but you will probably only need two or three at most. Using these formats for text will ensure that you assignment remains readable regardless of the browser being used…an important thing.

Embedding Media

Most of you have already been successful in adding media such as photos. This is done through the “Add Media” function at the top of the text entry box. 

However, you can also embed video files from YouTube or Vimeo. All you have to do is copy the entire URL, and after the “http” add the letter v.

So, in the case of this video for Zapp and Roger’s Computer Love, take the URL:, add a ‘v’ after http (making it httpv). When you publish the post, it will appear as the video itself (see below.)