About Audacity: The program for editing Audio

Audacity is an open-source audio editing program that is available for free at this site. It is not very difficult to install and instructions are available on the website (the only real trick is setting it up to export in the mp3 format.)

The site also has a pretty extensive set of tutorials, user instructions and tips. Those can be found on this page.

At this point, the only things that I’m expecting you to be able to do is:

  1. Import audio from a file that you’ve recorded for your audiography. This is outlined on this page, and is not to different from importing photos or audio files in other software.
  2. Move audio on the timeline so that they play in the sequential order of your choosing. This page¬†talks a little about working with the audio material once you’ve imported it (but it also covers things that we’ll be talking about in the coming weeks.)

This page takes you through the process of importing, editing and exporting a file. It might help you make your way through the assignment.

Click on the logo to visit the Audacity software site.

Click on the logo to visit the Audacity software site.