Schedule for Final Project Meetings

Hi all,

Just as a reminder, here is a list of the times that people have signed up for to meet about their final projects. Basically, these meetings are a chance for us to speak about your project in relation to the feedback I’ve sent you and any ideas you may have had about the project since we last spoke.

Please do not be late for your appointment as it will reduce the time we can discuss the project and it may cut into the time of other students. Also, no final grade for the proposal will be assigned until we have met.

Meetings on Tuesday February 25th



2:45 Robyn
3:00 Tania
3:15 Graziella
3:30 Tatiana

Meetings on Thursday, February 27th

12:00 Justin 2:30 Ruth
12:15 Zofia 2:45 Martine
12:30 Karine 3:00 Monica
12:45 Marie 3:15 Asheotsa
1:00 Amara 3:30 Jamar
1:15 Samantha Halioua 3:45 Michaela
1:30 Samantha Herson 4:00 Vito
1:45 Lucas 4:15 Manal
2:00 Kelly 4:30 Linh
2:15 Alex